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    Can links from InDesign or InCopy Articles use non-file: URLs?


      I am trying to determine if InDesign CS6 or newer provides any way for links to be to URLs that are not file: URLs. For example, I am using a CMS that provides HTTP access to images. I would like to do something like:





      My experiments suggest that this will not work but I'm hoping I've overlooked something.


      Another wrinkle is authentication: for access to the CMS the URLs need to be authenticated, which means InDesign would need to get then authentication information on at least first resolution.


      Is there a way to do this out of the box? If not, what would be required in terms of plugin implementation or library deployment to enable it? Back in CS3 days we were able to use some unsupported libraries to get URL resolution working but it would be nice if it worked out of the box.