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    Black Flickering


      Why is this not fixed??????????????

      When will you fix it???????????????

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What does “black flickering” mean, exactly?


          Guessing what you might be experiencing, this is not something Adobe can fix.  It is most likely your video card doesn’t have enough memory or there is some other incompatibility with either the video card or video drivers or even other hardware component that is causing the problem.

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            Level 7

            Let me guess: Windows 8?


            That's a known bug in Windows 8.

            The best fix is to update your video card driver from the GPU maker's website (not Microsoft, and not the system builder)

            A short term fix would be setting Photoshop's GPU mode to Basic and relaunching Photoshop.

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              skippy1381 Level 1

              When I open an existing jpeg document, the image goes black in a flickering

              way.  It seems to flicker when I attempt to change something on the jpeg.

              I have a brand new 64 bit windows 8 computer.  I guess it is possible the

              video card is not right, but very unlikely in my opinion. What does the

              video card require?

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                Please read message 2.