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    RH X5 (RoboHTML)

      Hi All,
      I am new to this forum.
      I have a problem where X5 closes with error when I double-click an HTML File (Topics) top left side of RoboHelp HTML. The error is "An unhandled win32 exception occurred in RoboHTML.exe[4004]." and Visual Studio askes me if I want to debug the problem. I click the "No" button and RHX5 closes.
      I have installed the patch (X5.0.2) for X5. I also installed X5 on a different PC with the same results.
      Has anyone seen this problem?
      Thank you inadvance,
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          Try the following to recreate the *.CPD and *.XPJ files.

          1. Close RoboHelp HTML.

          2. Delete the .CPD and .XPJ files located in your project folder.
          (The Getting Started folder)

          3. Right click the *.HHP file (in the same folder as the files listed above) then select Edit.

          This should re-opoen the project in RoboHelp.

          4. Save and then compile the project.

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            ShouldBeSailing Level 1
            Hi Bdeeb,
            Thanks for your suggestion. I have worked out that the RH is crashing because the HTML files have links in them that RH cannot handle.
            I solved my problem by importing FrameMaker .MIF files into RH instead of HTML files. Much easier and much cleaner.
            Thanks again,