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    Duplex Printing

    Roy E

      I am running InDesgn CS5 on an iMac (OS10.6) and printing to a Brother (duplex) printer. The printer has printed duplex from other programs. But I can not get it to, or figure out how to get it to, print duplex from InDesign. How does one do this?

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          Ellis home Level 4

          Do you mean after setting duplex in printing preferences in Print/Set Up it doesn't work? Have you tried exporting to PDF and printing from there?

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            Roy E Level 1



            When you say "setting printing preferences in Print/SetUp" are you reffereing to Apple Peferences or InDesign Preferences? I have looked at and trough both, but find no option for duplex printing? I have tried printing from pdf, but have the same difficulty. I have searched the web and find mu difficulty mentioned/discussed, but lttle concrete help. Tried Adobe chat, but was told "Sorry Charlie" CS 5 is not the current software. Help. please?

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              Ellis home Level 4

              In Indesign, with your document open, you go to File/Print and at the bottom you see Set up, that will get you to your printer and there you can choose duplex. When I did it in my HP printer it worked but I'm on Windows.

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                Roy E Level 1

                On the iMac  when I go to File > Print I have five options: Page Set Up, Printer, Save Preset, Cancel, Print. When I go to page Set Up or Printer I have no option for Duplex or a similar option. I tried Adobe chat, but was shot down -- they no longer support CS5 unless you purchase a contract -- and they won't say whether there is any help available.

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                  Ellis home Level 4

                  Well, hopefully someone using Mac will show up to see if we can help you. But, you mean you don't get this Print screen:

                  Print screen.JPG

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                    Roy E Level 1

                    I get a similar screen, but no optin I can identify as dulpex pringing/print back to back, etc .

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                      Ellis home Level 4

                      OK, just to make sure we are talking about the same thing here. You want to print on both sides of the page, is that right?

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                        Roy E Level 1

                        Absolutely. That is why I bought the Brother HL-5470DW printer -- but so far its been a bust. I write books. The current one is 500 plus pages and I really need to do duplex. I appreciate all your input/help very much.

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                          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          If you're having the same issues from Acrobat I would contact Brother about

                          updated drivers.

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                            Ellis home Level 4

                            Besides Bob's recommendation, what do you get when you click on Setup in the Print screen. This is what I get:

                            2nd screen.JPG

                            As you can see my default printer HP LaserJet 4200 is selected and when I click on Preferences it will take me to my printer's options. Don't you see something similar when you click on Setup?

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                              Roy E Level 1

                              A thank you to all who pitched in. The problem has been solved. I am not certain just how as I was taking the advice offered and at the same time trying things on my own. Not the best trouble shooting strategy. I went to Brother to up date the drivers, but apparently had their latest for this printer. I change the Brother printer to the default printer and shut the iMac down for the night. Then in the morning I followed the path laid out by Ellis (again) making allowances for the somewhat different menus. And I found the two-sided option. As there are more than a few inquiries on the Internet about this issue I have laid out the following that may help others. i) Check for driver updates. ii) If not already done set your duplex printer as your default printer; iii) Shut down your Mac and let it sit for at LEAST a couple of minutes. iv) On restart open the relevant document and go to: File > Printer. When the printer window opens: v) Check for the correct printer and if necessary select it. Set the available parameters – pages, setup, etc. vi) Then click the Printer button at the bottom of the Print Window-not the Print Button, but the PRINTER Button.




                              vii) This opens a second Print Window. Click the Two Sided box. viii) Click the Print Button which closes the window.




                              ix)  Click the Print button on the first window.


                              The difficulty I was having was that when I got to the second window (above) I had the same two options I had on the firlst window - Collate and Reverse order. Now I get the "right" options! Again a thnak you!

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                                Ellis home Level 4

                                Great. I'm glad you sorted it out. And thanks for sharing your experience so other users may benefit from it.