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    Chrome animation Iframe link issues


      I have created an animated button and due to my current cms I have only been able to get the animation to load using an iframe. The issue is Chrome will not let me load the link in the parent window. I have been googling for hours and have found no solutions. Here is my link code:


      Symbol.bindElementAction(compId,symbolName,"${_LinkSymbol}","click",function(sym,e){window .open("http://www.adobe.com","_top");});


      Works fine in IE, and firefox....mind you im not js wizard but I have a feeling this must be a simple solution.

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hmm, I wonder if there's a bug in Chrome... maybe try using _parent instead of _top to see if that works.



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            jhochgreve Level 1

            Unfortunatly its still doing the same thing. IE is good with _parent or _top same for firefox, but Chrome is not liking it at all. Its opening the link in the iframe window as if _self was still present. Wish there was some work around for joomla to not need the use of an iframe, but I have yet to find a solution for that.


            Also on the same topic.....it will not open in a new browser window with _blank.


            There must be a solution....Edge is just to perfect for great call to actions not to solve this.