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    Cannot install Toolkit for CreateJS





      I am a member of the Creative Cloud, and trying to install the Toolkit for CreateJS, but having some difficuilty.  When I try to install "Toolkit_for_CreateJS_v1_2.zxp" from the Extension Manager I get the following message -

      "This extension can not be installed, it requires Flash version in range of inclusively between 12 and 12.


      Is the message referrring to Flash Player? OR Adobe Flash Professional CC?


      I have the following versions of the software installed -

      OS - Windows 7 64-bit

      Flash Player - 11.8 (Latest version)

      Adobe Flash Professional CC -


      I have a flash animation that I am trying to covert to HTML5 so it can be viewed in all browser and devices.  Can you please let me know the tools, setup and the steps to do this conversion?



      - Yash