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    Premiere Pro CC Crashes While Rendering With Mercury OpenCL

    dan777333 Level 1

      Hi guys!


      Every time I try to render a ~2 min video in H.264 using the OpenCL renderer which is fully supported on my 7970 (2x Crossfire) the program crashes while rendering. (Usually around 28%)

      If I switch to Mercury Software renderer, it renders perfectly.

      I am currently using AMD 13.6beta2 drivers, and PPCC is fully updated, any suggestions?

      Additionally, for the half minute that it tries to render with OpenCL before crashing, by checking the GPU utilization % in AMD catalyst overdrive, it seems to not be utilizing the gpu at all... And then promtly crashes of course...


      I hope I can fix this problem soon... Really dissapointed with this adobe product.


      Thanks a lot!