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    [AS-CC] Make or delete a language at document level




      I made a script to change language of a document.

      I'm able to change it in every single text, table or style sheet, but not at the document level.


      As the language is an element, not a property of the document, I thought the way to change it is to make a new one, then delete the old one.


      This command does not work:

      delete language 2 of active document


      Error message is:

      Adobe InDesign CC got an error: language 2 of active document doesn’t understand the delete message.


      But nevertheless I can access the language like this:

      language 2 of active document


      And the dictionnary says:


      language (element of document)get/ make/ deleteby name
      by index
      by range
      relative to others
      by whose/where
      by unique ID


      Am I missing something?