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    premiere cs6 drops in mts files

    moshe_daly Level 1



      when I am using a panasonic mts file 1440X1080 25i, I am getting a drop frames

      as you can see in this example



      it's only occur in this file type, and as you can see its showing in the drop from another footage in the same project.


      when I am restarting premiere the drop disappear. and then shown in another place on the project.


      At first (when I start the project) everything work fine, but when the project become complex (multicam, and more.)  this bug starts appearing.


      Currently to overcome the problem I convert the files (with premiere) to JEPG then everything works properly.


      I'd love to hear responses on this strange problem.

      (And may whoever invented the damn file called MTS will
      Go to hell with pannsonic).