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    Open Project Error




      Yesterday I was working on a project, and this morning when I opened AE, I tried opening my project file but I always get this error:

      "After Effects warning: Unable to import file

      "<the project's name>' as a project (bad format or not readable)"


      Please help, I've been working on this project for so many hours and now it just won't open.


      For some reason auto-save wasn't turned on.


      My other projects open up, but not this one.

      I've tried to import my project into a new one but I get the same error.


      Is my file corrupted?

      If so, how can I fix that?


      Please help I feel like I'm going to faint.


      Oh and I'm using Adobe After Effects CC.


      Please help and thank you!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have to provide much more info liek what you actualyl used in your project, what system and os on. and yeah, auto-save may sometimes save the day, but this is even better:


          Work File Safety



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            HappyHello242 Level 1

            Thank you for your help! I actually just found a non-corrupted file of my project on my external hard-drive's back up, luckily. I'm not sure how I can prevent this from happening again though.


            But still, thank you!

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              HappyHello242 Level 1

              Oh and I'm on Windows 8, and I used the plug-ins that come with AE, and optical flares. But I highly doubt that's the case. Last night, I forgot to shut down my computer, and the next day I got an error saying 'Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart' and after all that, I opened AE and I got another error (I can't remember what it said though something about AE.) So after all that, I opened my project and got the error mentioned in the question. I believe my file got corrupted during the random restart of my PC. I guess I should've stated all this info before, but I was so worried I couldn't think straight. But since I found another saved version of my project in my back up, I'm fine.


              Oh and thank you so much!