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    Mouse not working in Photoshop CC

    LostInSpacebar Level 1



      So I decided to do the Creative Cloud thing. Installed Photoshop CC trial. Opened up a new document and tried to drag out a selection box ... and nothing. I can't drag my mouse. I can click on things. But dragging doesn't seem to work. Neither does right clicking.


      So for example, I can't move layers. I can select them in the layers panel, but I can't drag them in the workspace. Same with sliders. I can select a location on a slider, but I can't grab the handle and slide it around. I've tried resetting preferences, restarting, and disabling graphic card acceleration.


      Please help. I'm running Windows 7 x64. My mouse is a wireless Logitech that I haven't had any trouble with otherwise. I opened up paint and it can track me dragging my mouse around to paint (so it's not just a ****** mouse connection or anything).