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    Sharing pics with others without the plugin?


      Hi! I'm a cleaner for a scanlation group, which means I only need the veeery basics of photoshop (heal, clone, paintbrush, levels/curves, and the ability to use layers) After searching around for a bit, because I can't afford the full cs6, I found photoshop touch. I thought it was great, but when I tried to share the pictures online for the people who needed it, they couldn't open the pics with photoshop cs6. If they don't want to download the plugin, is there any way I can change it so it'll work on their photoshop? Or is there any way I can get a free version  (or mini-version) of photoshop? I tried things like the pirate bay but 1. it's .exe so it doesn't work on my mac, and 2. I think it's illegal and I really don't want to do that. Thanks so much!