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    activeWindow and shared casts

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      I have a main movie from which two MIAW's are opened. Each movie shares a
      cast that contains common buttons that functionally are the same but because
      of whether one is clicked on the stage or in an MIAW I have had to code them
      differently. I'm trying to use the activeWindow to differentiate where the
      click is coming from. I can't seem to capture this. Since the buttons are
      buggy, I've started by using "put the activeWindow" in the button code but
      nothing get's put in the message window. Is there a problem sharing casts
      among MIAWs? In other words, does it create issues when a cast is being
      accessed by two movies at once?


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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2
          simply add a parameter to the function that is called by the mouseclick.

          button in Window1

          on mouseup me
          do_something ( parameters1,parameter2, 1)

          button in Window 2:

          on mouseup me
          do_something ( parameters1,parameter2, 2)

          Moviescript in the shared cast or in the main movie:

          on do_something ( parameters1, parameters2, active_miaw)