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    Load External image

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      I'm  trying to load an image for a Photos folder. The photo.swf is in the same file structor as the "photos "folder, using the code below is works great when I open photo.swf and then click the P_002 button. All of this in contained in a folder named "content"



      P_002.onPress = function():Void {

      loadMovie("photos/002.jpg", _root.photo.empty);


      The problem is I have a main menu swf file outside the "Content" folder When I launch the photo.swf form the main menu it will not load the photo.


      I have tried moving the photos folder several places but no help


      I also tried adding content to the path


      P_002.onPress = function():Void {

      loadMovie("content/photos/002.jpg", _root.photo.empty);


      Can someone please help solve this?