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    CSS design - help wanted

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      Dear group,

      I want to redesign my site and want a design that looks like this:
      I made a screenshot of it to show you, that this design was made using
      tables in tables with different backgrounds. This makes the markup
      almost unreadable and I wonder, if I could do this design without
      tables but using CSS. So I made single pics from the screenshot. 1 for
      each corner, 1 for the top and bottom middle, 1 for the left and right
      middle to use as a background. Unfortunately I'm not good enough to
      find out by myself how to put this into CSS.

      The content of the site should be within the 'silver frame' as shown
      in this screenshot http://www.gwsystems.com/inge/Images/design1.gif
      The navigation shouldn't be horizontal as shown in this screenshot,
      but a vertical navigation as shown at

      Could you please give me a hint, where to find a solution to my design

      Thank you for reading me
      Inge Grotjahn