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    hyperlinks destinations scramble when moving pages from one file to anotehr

    notannhavoc Level 1

      I searched but found no one else had reported this problem - it  occurs for me in versions 5.5 through to CC.

      I have several files - each has  many hyperlinks which  point to various URLs. When I try to move a page  form one file to another [pls don't sk why I need to do this - I just do - it is  a very long , convoluted process]

      When I check teh URL for teh  hyperlink in the p[ages that have been moved - tehy point to  other URLs  than the ones they  are suppsoed to.

      for example -  document 1  is hyperlinked to http://scholarships.curtin.edu.au/scholarships/scholarship.cfm?id=1175when I move this page with this hyperlink to  another file - it now points to a completely different URl - [http://www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au/FAQ/AdditionalInfo.asp.]  The new file with teh wrong URL previously had  many pages with hyperlinks as well which have since been deleted. It seems that the hyperlinks however remain, even though teh pages  are  deleted. These hyperlinks are now being reassigned to  my "moved" pages.

      Has anyone any experience with this problem?