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    probably asked before: debugging external AS files

      Ive searched and searched first off so I didnt just directly add a new post

      I cant for the life of me debug my actionscript classes.
      I have an AS file with an existing package so it created a folder with the actionscript file inside. The actionscript file has a class and a method inside the class and it errors out and in the debugger it says:
      Source Not found. [Button]Edit Source Lookup Path...[/Button] and when I do so and point to the folder where my actionscript class is it doesnt do anything and cant debug it. Ive tried a LOT of different things like:

      Right Click on the Project > Properties > Flex Build Path > Source Path > Add Folder > Pointed to my class folder > OK
      Compiled it and has a huge amount of compile errors basically describing duplicate definitions.

      So then I tried removing the generated folder from the project and just keeping my 'source path' folder there but then the source path is empty and none of my source files existed anymore. Guess I was trying to 'exlude' the AS files and point a source path to it in hopes that I can debug my AS classes. I dont know why its giving me this error now but its getting to point of frustration that I almost cannot deal with it ontop of the many other issues I have with Flex Builder. If anyone could PLEASE help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you