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    AE CS5 Quick Question re: Missing Pick Whip buttons


      So I'm working through an exercise in this book and have hit a standstill. As you'll see in this screenshot, I'm not getting drop down arrows beside my lower set of Achor, Position and Rotation properties, which in turn means I can't call up the Pick Whip buttons I need for the next step (joining the two compositon's properties).

      Missing AECS5 Pick Whips.jpg


      But the book is telling me to tie the two compositions Anchor, Position and Rotation properties together using their individual Pick Whip buttons. I've gone back over every step in the excercise and have made absoultely sure I've done everything asked so far. I also dug around as much as I could on my own before posting here since I don't want to waste anyone's time with what feels like a crazy simple problem.

      But I just. can't. make those buttons appear. I can only see the Pick Whips for the overall layer, not the properties.