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    Making 640 footage look decent with 1080


      Thanks in advance for the help.  I am doing an edit with 1080p footage and for parts of it I want to edit in some old school footage.  This stuff is really old--I ripped it off a DVD and it is 640x480.  My sequence is set to my 1080p footage (that's the what the majority of the edit is going to be) and I have dropped in some 640 clips here and there.  I know it obviously will look pretty poor compared to my 1080 footage, I was just wondering if there were any tricks to making it look any better (less pexilated, slightly more distinguishable, anything....).  Any thoughts?

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          Truth be known, Premiere Pro has one of the best scaling algorithms available.  That being said, a good plug-in will make it even better.  Red Giant "Instant HD" does a pretty good job ($99) and there are other similar plugs available.  HTH.

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            DVD ought to be 720x480, so I would question the ripping method. Besides the lower 640x480 resolution, the format/codec you ripped to could also be affecting quality. In truth, you can simply copy the .vob files directly from the DVD to your hard drive (if not protected) and edit them right in Premiere, therefore not transcoding to another format that could cause additional quality loss.


            Next, what is the intended destination of the final video? Does it HAVE to be 1080 at delivery? For instance if going to YouTube, edit the 1080 footage in a 720p sequence. The HD footage will still look great, and the SD footage is getting "blown up" a lot less, so it will not look as nasty.


            If you plan to deliver as DVD, then simply edit everything in an NTSC sequence and don't blow up the SD at all, keep all the SD quality. Many workflow options, depending on needs.




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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Or wait until october for a new feature in After Effects CC.

              Scaling up SD to HD and beyond.

              Saw it yesterday at IBC; amazing.