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    Render taking extremely long

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      I have a MacBook Pro i7 processor and 8 GB ram. I'm trying to export a sequence that is 4096 x 2106 (red scarlet native resolution) to pro res 1080p. The export is taking close to 24 hours for a 20 minute film with minimal effects and titles. Is this normal? Is this perhaps because upon export the file has to recalculate every pixel?

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          There are many factors at work. To start with, you are working with 4K footage. Big files! Are you using a fast external drive for video clips or are they on the system drive? A dedicated video drive is a must with any NLE.


          8GB of RAM is low, minimum 16GB would help performance.


          Being a MacBook, you probably do not have Nvidia graphics which would be able to utilize the GPU to enhance performance with Premiere.


          So I'm not a Mac user and have not tried working with 4K footage, but have read enough posts here regarding degraded performance/long render times for laptops to think that this makes sense, given the system specs and footage. Do you have any third-party effects, such as a DeNoiser, or Red Giant Colorista? These are a few effects that can have a great impact on render times.


          Personally, when I have problems, I like to do a SHORT test to scope things out. For instance, create a NEW sequence and simply add one minute of source footage, no effects, then export to desired format. How long does it take? There is your benchmark. Multiply by 20 and that is roughly how long a 20 minute sequence ought to take to export. If it is taking a lot longer, then perhaps whatever effects you are using are to blame?




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