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    Can you use JavaScript to add a listbox's format custom keyboard script equivalent?

    MikeIs2C Level 1



      I am wondering if it is possible to use JavaScript to add a custom keyboard script -- or some functional equivalent -- like the type for the listbox's "custom" format section?  I have successfully used the setAction command to work with a button, and even have the action and code show up in the properties.


      In any case, I am trying to use JavaScript to dynamically add fields based on copied values from form router calendar fields.  For the CalendarMonth field there is custom keyboard script it uses with the following code:


      if(event.willCommit == false && getField("FR_00000_Calendar.CalendarYear").value != "")

        FormRouter_SetDays(parseInt(event.changeEx), parseInt(getField("FR_00000_Calendar.CalendarYear").value));


      In my case I need to modify the field name passed based on the page number (e.g., FR_00000_Calendar.CalendarYear#1 for page 2).  I tried to use a straight addScript definition, but that either doesn't work for that or I did something wrong.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions,