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    Paragraph styles don't show properly in automatic Table of contents


      Hello everyone,


      I'm currently busy with the lay-out of my PhD thesis in Indesign CS6. I made seperate files for each chapter after which I joined the files in a book document. Now I need to create a table of contents and want to do this using the Table of contents style.

      I already customized a Table of contents style in which I told Indesign which paragraph styles need to be included in the table of contents. I also created new paragraph styles to use as an entry style. When creating a TOC the lay-out looks all perfect, except that I defined the text to be "bold" in my paragraph style but it shows up as "regular" text in my TOC. Now I can make this text bold by selecting it and alt+shift clicking the paragraph style in the paragraph style menu. Problem is that after updating the TOC the text returns to "regular". All other stuff I defined in the paragraph style for the entry style (e.g. tabs, font size, leading) are applied.

      How can I solve this problem? I would very much appreciate any comments, because this is annoying me very much :S.


      thanks a lot already!