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    ScriptUI CC: Change column titles in Listbox no longer possible?

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP



      It looks like it's no longer possible to change the column titles in a

      list box on the fly with InDesign CC's implementation of ScriptUI.


      This script works fine when launched directly in ESTK, or in a previous

      version of InDesign, but in InDesign CC clicking either of the two

      buttons doesn't work.


      dlg = new Window("dialog");

      var list = dlg.add ('ListBox', , 'asd', );

      var item1 = list.add ('item', 'John');

      item1.subItems[0].text = 'Doe';

      var item2 = list.add ('item', 'Jane');

      item2.subItems[0].text = 'Doe';

      myButton1 = dlg.add("button", undefined, "Change column1 title");

      myButton2 = dlg.add("button", undefined, "Change column2 title");

      myButton1.onClick = function(){

           list.columns.titles[0] = "Changed!";


      myButton2.onClick = function(){

           list.columns.titles[1] = "Changed!";




      If anyone has an idea how to change column titles on the fly in a script

      launched from InDesign CC, I'd be interested to hear.


      The actual script has a column with a currency symbol for its column

      title. The user has the choice of changing the currency, and in previous

      versions that column header could be made to update to reflect that

      choice, but it's not working in CC.