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    Web installer Java script error, file deletes it self


      When i try to install Flash player or Adobe reader via WEB installer i get Script error, Object doesn't not support property or method text , This happens on freshly installed Windows 7. 8.0. 8.1, on 20+ different Computers, on IE and Firefox, only full offline installers works, which is not happy solution for me, and also installer deletes it self and instalation gets stuck in memmory. All latest updates are installed on PC's, including latest Java, and we tried without any Antivirus solutions.


      EDIT:Can i get some answers from Adobe regarding this? There are tons of costomers calling me now with same  issue, nobody can update their Adobe Reader/Flash player using your WEB installer.


      I just freshly installed one Server 2012 without single softawre or anything, and tried instlaling Adobe reader  and i got this: