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    Premiere Pro CC relinking media not working correctly OSX 10.8.4

    simonpeterarnold Level 1

      Hi Running the latest build of CC on Mac running 10.8.4 having real issues with relinking media using the media browser. I cant seem to get it to search the directory I choose using the browser at all. As soon as I hit search it starts searching the whole system drive from Applications down. I doesnt matter where I point, even another directoty on the system drive it will go back to searching /Applications first. Also typing a path in the path dialog does not seem to work at all just errors. As a note our media drives are assigned using an NFS mount at / not using Volumes not sure if this is cause?


      Anybody got any ideas as to why this does not work. Having watched several videos on the net which all seem to be the Windows version it all works as it should. Having to use the old finder way which results in several passes to find everything.


      Any help here appreciated as we have to move projects around a lot and this is an essential feature we really need to work better.