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    Are any features "missing" in Premiere Elements v 10 - need to upgrade from v 9

    Bettina BA


      I need probably to upgrade my Elements v 9  to v 10 since I need 64 bits to get full use of the memory. My experience when upgrading to v 9.0 (from whatever?) was that a lot of features were missing. They still were found in the interface but "dimmed" meaning I couldn´t use them. I found that terribly annoying since I am a Premiere Elements user form the very early beginning.


      • Do anyone know the difference between v 9 and v 10?
      • Is it worth it regarding new features?
        Or do I lose some v 9.0 features?
      • Is it worth it regarding prestanda or should I go on using v 9 and 32 bits applikation on my Windows 7 with 64 bits?