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    Issue: changing value on comp settings globally


      First a brief backstory: I'm very new to after effects. That's a shame, because I’ve been working in Adobe for years. Mostly Photoshop and Illustrator. Picking up After effects, while not being any sort of experienced video maker is a challenge, but since I’m familiar with the adobe environment it's coming along. I wish I'd realized how much I'd like it, I’d have been doing this for years. But I’m glad i got it. Actually, Adobe turning everything to CC is why. I have a subscription to Photoshop CC, and i have an older, cs5 copy of illustrator, but i downloaded the trial of After Effects, and two days later upgraded to the full suite.

      I purchase a few templates from envato from time to time. I grabbed one i really liked today, but when i started working on it i noticed it was only 720p, and for some reason the animation seems 'fuzzy'. I think it might be a var in the effects, like maybe the motion blur is too high. Whatever the case, I wanted to change the project to output as 1080. 


      I can change each comp manually, but holy moly there's  alot of them. i've found over 40 so far. then of course I'm going to have to resize things all over the place, but if i could make a global change to make it all 1080p and full res it would save a tremendous amount of time.


      is there a way to globally make the change and apply it to all comps?



      Secondary question; I was mistaken by thinking i could pick up templates from places like Envato and learn how to do the 'under the hood work' by reviewing templates. But much of what I’m seeing is pre-rendered so i can't see the original work. I picked up The Trapcode suite and Element 3d as well, but have found that my video card just can't cut the mustard, and just flat out refuses to render anything I've got in Element 3d. Which is ironic because I can do things in Form and Particular just fine. Anyway....


      i need resources. i signed up for tutorials at Lynda.com  so that will help, but are there are places i should look? Any actual courses I should be taking? Listen I know I’m not going to be an expert after a month, but my guess is, taking a course or learning the fundamentals would save me a huge amount of time muddling through trying to figure things out. lol Just not sure where i should look for training.

      Thanks for any help, I'm excited to be a part of the community!