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    load .swf from .xml submenu

      If my blank movie clip target instance name is: target
      And my .swf file is "gameday.swf" on my domain insidehornetfootball.com
      My .xml component name is: hornetMenu2

      Is this the correct actionscript from your manual?

      //****If you set a component’s instance name as “hornetMenu2”
      this.target.onClickMenu = function(pObj) {
      var kLabel = pObj.label;
      var kMode = pObj.menuMode;
      fld.text = “You click “+kMode+” menu , and label is “+kLabel+”.”;
      hornetMenu2.addEventListener(“onClickMenu”, this);

      Is this how the .xml submenu should look?

      <SubMenu label="Game Day" bgColor="0xffffff" bgAlpha="65" borderThick="" borderColor="0xffffff" borderRound="0" font="arial" fontSize="11" fontColor="0x000000" usingEmbedFont="false" bold="false" italic="false" link=" http://www.insidehornetfootball.com/gameday.swf" targetWin="_target"/>

      Thank you.