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    Inconsistent behaviour of PSEvent.MOVE


      I'm having trouble understanding/handling Photoshop's 'move' event. I'm trying to track a shape movement but the event is only being triggered once after another action - for example when I drag the shape around, the event is fired on the first drop, every later attempt to drag and drop the shape again does not do anything but when I move another shape and then try to move the first shape again, the event is fired.

      I have also confirmed this with the ScriptingListener plugin on both the CS6 and CC versions.


      Can anyone explain?

      I this an expected behavior and if so, is there another way to track the shape movement?



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          Hi all,


          I am having the same problem.

          How does 'move' event behave? when is it triggered and by whom?

          I see very little documentation for it and testing with ScriptListener-


          1) Adding a shape triggers a make event.

          2) Then moving it around triggers nothing.

          3) Until you move a guide (or another shape), which then triggers a move event on the original shape that moved (!?)


          Really strange?

          Am I missing something?

          Doesnt each object trigger its own move event each time they are moved?

          Don't guides and other object also trigger move events?

          They also dont seem to trigger remove event vtw


          Can someone help I really need this?


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            Tom Ruark Adobe Employee

            This is as designed. This way your actions panel doesn't fill up wiht move move move move move entries. Once you do something else, then the "one move" event is committed before the next event. I don't know of any work arounds to this design.

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              DaniBacon2 Level 1

              Hi Tom


              I am trying to react to state changes as they happen so not receiving these events until the next action (which also might not even happen), presents a big challenge.


              Also can you verify only shapes trigger move events and not other Photoshop elements, like guides for example?

              If not, which elements trigger this event?

              Which trigger remove events?


              Generally, it would be very usefull if consistently any PS element would trigger make/change/remove events as they happen, more like in AS3/JS events.


              Thanks so much for your help, much appreciated,