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    Html + CSS to Pdf

    zrezur Level 1


      We want to convert Html to pdf. We are using Adobe LiveCycle service (version 10) and GeneratePdfServiceClient from file adobe-generatepdf-client.jar . There are two possible ways to convert html to pdf:

      1. Html file(with included CSS-content) can be send to the function “createPdf2”.
      2. Packed html content in zip file can be send to the function “htmlFileToPDF”.

      We are using both and we get different results (better in case 1).


      To make reports more readable we need to solve two problems. Here are my questions:

      • Is it possible to introduce page number in converted Pdf document? (In CSS "content: "Page " counter(page))
      • Is it possible to insert page break after/before some Html block? (unfortunately CSS commands “page-break-before”/ “page-break-after” are not supported by LiveCycle )


      Is there any way to make Livecycle to support CSS 2.1?