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    Smooth scrolling in mx:Datagrid

    poortip87 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am implementing a datagrid in my extension for Illustrator CS5, 6. I want to have smooth scrolling in it as there are images that are displayed in the grid. I am using an ItemRenderer for displaying images. It has one column. I searched the net and came across this blog by Alex Harui.


      This example is for List. I wanted it for datagrid. I overrode my datagrid scrollhandler and placed the code from the above example. Everything works fine except the up scroll. If I drag the scroll bar up/down, it works fine. If I scroll down by mouse clicks, it works fine. But, if I scroll up by mouse clicks, the scroll bar scrolls fine, but the grid view isn't updated. The grid view just repeats the images like in a loop. I am unable to understand.


      Can anyone guide me?