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    Can I run AE CS6? (Specs in post)


      So.... I accidentally posted this in the general forum.... Just re-posting it where is belongs....


      I have an HP Pavilion dv6


      Processor: AMD A8-3500 APU w/Radeon Graphics 1.50


      Graphics card: AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6620G


      System: PC Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1)


      Memory: 8gb


      The total Performance score is 5.9 (due to the graphics card) but the Processor is a 6.6 out of 7 if that means anything....


      Im not really concerned with speed as much as I am concerned with it actually running..... (I am fine with being in the middle of the pack on rendering times)


      I am looking at getting the Production Premium pack and this is the only program im not sure will run.... (which is why i posted this question here)


      I had a CS5 trial on this same laptop (same specs) and everything ran fine, but since I cannot purchase cs5 i need to know if I can run cs6 with this Processor (or other components) or if I need to get a new one(s)....


      Let me know if there are any other specs that you need or questions that you have....


      Thanks for the help!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Yeah, you can run CS6, but you won't be very happy about it.  You'd feel a little better by maxing out the RAM and by adding a fast external hard drive with the fastest connection possible.


          Since you don't say what you'd be DOING on this laptop, it's tough to make definitive recommendations.  Delivery specs, footage media containers/codecs, footage resolution, and amount of footage used in a project all have a very great bearing on the system specs.

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            beank0687 Level 1

            The hard drive I can do.... not sure about the ram....


            The bulk of the projects I do are Primer based cut, move, correct, and print.... After Effects is used in rare occasion where i need to create motion keys and the occasional random client requested effect.


            Most projects are small commercials and family movies/personal projects.... most are SD (.mod) few are HD (.mts).... most of them are outputted to Menu based DVDs (the other thing i use After Effects for)....


            Does that change things?


            But if I can run it, then I can run it.... I'll just have to pay the low end hardware tax till i get a better system....


            Thanks for the help!