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    Premier Pro CC Feature Request: Automatic Window Selection

    sandersfbc Level 1

      I wanted to see if anyone else would like this feature.  It's not due to a major issue, just a minor but constant annoyance.


      So when I started working with 60fps footage, I realized that automatic dissolve transitions (by pressing Ctrl+D) were set at 30 frames, rather than at 1 second.  This made my fades faster than I wanted, so I created custom opacity animation presets titled "Fade In" and "Fade Out" that each last for 60 frames. So what I do is drag the preset over onto the clip I want to use it on, and then, purely out of habit, I immediately hit the space bar to resume playing the timeline. But the effects panel is still selected, and my preset is selected, so instead of playing the timeline, it renames my preset to " ".  My request is to have an option where when an effect (or perhaps anything else) is dragged onto a timeline, the timeline panel is then automatically selected, so I don't have to keep retyping the title of my preset.