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    Getting stuck


      How come sometimes my foreground/background colors turn to shades of gray when I open a new canvas and I can't change them to color? Is this a glitch or a setting?


      Also, sometimes after selecting an area with the lasso and going to the move tool I can't pick up the piece. I get a message that says something like the area is empty.


      Lastly, how do I create a stroke (i.e. outline) around a shape?

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          Level 7

          If your new document is grayscale, then you can't use color and only gray values are displayed.

          Change to RGB mode to use full color.


          If your selection is targetting an empty layer, then you really have selected an empty area and can't do much with it.

          Try targetting the correct layer.


          And you can use the stroke options on vector shapes, stroke a path with paint tools using the stroke path command, or stroke the ouline of a selction using Edit->Stroke.

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            makerimage Level 1

            Where do you find the stroke path?

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              In the paths palette menus or the icon bar at the bottom of the paths palette.


              For stroke options on vector shapes, just select one of the vector tools and the vector layer you wish to modify.