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    Acceleration Script Problem

      hello everyone,

      I'm making a navigation bar that uses a basic acceleration script that gets attached to the movieclip that is being animated. Only problem is, after the first bar moves up, i want it to disappear then the next one move up and so on. Here is an example:

      here's the FLA to take a look at the script and how it's working:

      I tried using the script in a way that didn't attach to the movieclip but it didn't work for some reason! Any help would be appreciated!

      Thanks for your time


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          clbeech Level 3
          Hey Indie, I took a look at your files, and it's a little hard to tell just exactly what your wanting them to do, but I think there's a couple of ways you could do this more easily by using the Tween class. So I've prepared a real basic example of the 'kind' of thing I think you're going for here, but I'm not sure. Anyway it should give you some ideas on how you could construct your nav menus a little differently and use Tweens to animated them. You will also run into some problems down the road, with needing to receive an event from elements residing under a Object instance that has am on handler assigned. Take a look at the way in which this is constructed, and view the code which handles the animation (ie. the Tweens) and It may give you some ideas :) here's the FILE
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            IndieMonkey Level 1
            Yeah its that kind of thing I need - the elastic ease in and out tween thing (which I didn't know about) looks great!

            What it was I wanted to do though, was instead of all 4 bars moving at once - i wanted the bottom 4th bar to move up to the next one above, disappear, then then the 3rd one move up to the next bar, the 2nd then disappear. etc like in steps... simply animated, like THIS

            If i could use AS it would look a hell of a lot slicker, maybe a pause between steps?

            Thanks again for making that FLA for me,