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    Can I program my hyperlinks to target a new window?


      When exporting interactive pdf files from InDesign, my hyperlinks target the same window and permanently direct my readers away from my pdf. Can I program my hyperlinks to target a new window? The reader must constantly hit the back button in order to not lose my pdf on their browser. I do not like this and have looked for ways to tell my hyperlinks to target a new window. I have not been able to find a way thus far and I have been creating my newsletters as interactive pdf files in InDesign for over 3 years. I kept hoping with each upgrade (CS4 to CS5 to CS6 to CC) that I would see an improvement to the hyperlinks and buttons pallets. However, not much has changed here since CS4. Please correct me if I am wrong. And please share if this had already been made possible. In my newsletters, I hyperlink images as well as selected text, to external URLs.


      Side note: This was less of a problem when I emailed the pdf files directly to my contacts using Outlook. In the last year and a half, I have been using an email service provider to better track my open rates, etc. I give my interactive pdf files to my developer to put up on my company website. He provides me with a URL for my email template. So, when readers click the link to read the full newsletter (pdf) they are viewing it in a browser. I also print my newsletter. So, keeping with InDesign to be able to output my files for print and as interactive pdfs is ideal. I have not yet considered creating my newsletters in html at this point. Please feel free to make suggestions.