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    Help, my paid e-book is missing in ADE


      I purchased an e-book for my study some weeks ago and installed ADE on my imac succesfully. I also installed ADE on my macbook air and copied the paid e-book succesfully. My e-book worked perfectly fine on both computers until today! I accidentally moved the e-book file from the ADE folder on the macbook air, and when I replaced it it didn't return to the library So I figured I could just start over and copy the file from the imac like the first time.
      BUT: On my imac the e-book has a "missing" written in the corner of the logo and I can't open the file (of course); and I haven't moved the file from the ADE folder (on the imac) at any time.
      What do I do?

      I paid $62 so you see why I'd like my book back


      thanks in advance,