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    error in startup of existing project of premiere elements11


      Pemiere elements 11, just a week in my posession, wil no longer start up my existing project. After loading 100% of the project, although not displaying it, an erro message appears:

      adobe premiere elements 11 not working In de message box is mentionend that the program will be closed and an message will appear when an solution is available. no such message ever appears...


      steps so far:

      - de-instal and reinstall elements (no difference)

      - remove latest windows update (no difference)

      - reinstal again (no difference)

      - re-update windows (no difference)

      - clearing 20 G harddisk space; now 40 g available (no difference)


      I am running windows 8. the problem first occured after the latest windows update (hence the attemps to remove update etc)


      I'm at a loss here on what other step / meassures / sollutions to take, please advice