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    Customizing ACR Interface


      I've been using ACR for years now and it's always been an inconvenience and a workflow problem to have the adjustment sliders on the right and the thumbnails on the left with the image in the middle.  Having to mouse over from one end of the screen to the other to select the next image after making adjustments makes no sense.  The thumbnail column and the adjustment/slider column should be side by side for quicker and easier navigation and adjustments.  If a series of images needs only color and exposure corrections why navigate across the whole screen?


      It would be nice if Adobe would either set the interface up differently or at least give us the option to customize ACR and move columns around.


      This is how I'd like to see it.  Any chance of having this option in future updates?


      Camera Raw Window2.jpg

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          Yammer Level 4

          Good idea. I always move the Windows task bar to the top of the screen for the same reason.

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            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            This doesn't exactly solve your problem, but it could streamline things a bit as long as the interface is the way it is.


            Keep your mouse pointer on the right side of the screen, and use the arrow keys to navigate images. For example, if you're done editing Exposure, press Enter once so that Exposure is no longer highlighted. Now you can use the arrow keys to move to the next or previous image while leaving the pointer over the controls on the right.

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              dcaleman Level 1

              The problem I have with that scenario is that I usually just use the trackpad on my laptop.  The enter key and arrow keys are on the right side of the keyboard.  But in order to do this, with my right hand either on the mouse or trackpad means taking my fingers off the track pad or my hand off the mouse, pressing enter, then the arrow down key, then going back to the mouse/trackpad.  Or, I'd have to use my left hand across the keyboard to use those keys, which would not be very comfortable and would be in the way of the track pad.  Doing it this way would probably take even more time than moving the mouse across the screen.


              It would just be easier and faster to to keep my hand on the mouse, move a fraction of an inch over and click the next image and continue making adjustments.


              I'd be somewhat content if I could use the tab key on the left side of the keyboard to navigate to the next image but currently the tab key only gets to the next image adjustment field.