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    disable context menu

      I have a requirement to disable print from the flash.ui.contextMenu. Do I have to extend that class as the example shows or is there an easier way?


      Andy C.(never #)
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          peterent Level 2
          Try this (from the Flex help docs):
          private function removeDefaultItems():void {
          var defaultItems:ContextMenuBuiltInItems = myContextMenu.builtInItems;
          defaultItems.print = false;
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            camfieldaj Level 1
            Thanks, Peter. I'm waiting for my retail copy of FB 2 and trying to get a head start on a project that's overdue using the alpha version of FB for Linux. Awesome product. Quality of the browser based applications that I can produce already is superb. Can't wait to get my hands on the designer. And some documentation. :}

            Thanks, again.

            Andy C.(never #)