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    [09/20/2013] Upcoming Changes to Adobe Access on iOS

    Eric.H Adobe Employee

      Apple had a media event last week unveiling their new iPhone and the accompanying iOS 7. The iOS update was made available to consumers recently.  While existing applications using Adobe Access DRM are fully compatible with the new OS and device, Adobe would like to make our iOS + Adobe Access DRM customers aware of the impact this has to your applications using our DRM solution.



      [ #1 64bit  Support ]

      The iPhone 5S will support 64bit applications.  Unfortunately, the current Adobe Access DRM product for iOS does not include the x86_64 architecture slice required for building applications targeting the new 64bit iPhone.


      As a result, when targeting this device specifically using the Xcode 5 GM Seed, you will see a warning similar to this:

      "ld: warning: /<local path>/Frameworks/DRM/drmNativeInterface.framework/drmNativeInterface, missing required architecture x86_64 in file /<local path>/Frameworks/DRM/drmNativeInterface.framework/drmNativeInterface (3 slices)"


      We will be releasing an updated framework with the required architecture support in an upcoming release of our PSDK (Adobe Primetime SDK).  Applications built using the existing Xcode 4.x support will support both the iPhone 5S and earlier devices, so you can continue to release updates using the older version of Xcode.



      [ #2 Deprecation if iOS 4 ]

      With version 1.2 of the Primetime SDK (Q4 2013), Adobe plans to deprecate support of iOS 4.  iOS 4 currently has a market penetration rate of <2% and is dropping.  If you have concerns about this move by Adobe, please feel free to let us know, as we believe this is the correct action to take for an OS with this level of adoption.