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    Hard drives and verbage



      And here we go. Super Newbie and as green as they get. lol

      Buidling  a new system and crawling my way through but need help on hard drives and the verbage people use about pointing things to which drive. I havent used Abode before so this is all so new to me I'm totally confused. lol.

        First off, here are my Hard drives:

      SSD= OS and Programs (CS6 CC, and Powerdirector. I know, I know, PD is newbie stuff but hey, I'm a green newbie, lol)

      WD Black 32mb chache x 2 in Raid 0 = ?

      SG 7200 64mb cache x 2 in Raid 0 = ?

      WD Black 32mb cachex 1 = Export


      I think that is how "Harm" says to configure the drives but way to green to be asking him questions. lol. The problem is I don't really understand what items to point to which drive. Like when someone says scratch files. Where do I find scratch files and how do I point them toward which drive ?


      Here is a list of some of the expressions used that I need info on:

      Scratch= where and how ?

      Media Cache files = where and how ?

      Media cache database = where and how ?

      captured media = where ?

      Project files = where and how ?

      Previews = where and how ?

      I'm sure I am forgetting some of the other items so feel free to add those also.


      Finally, I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! To Harm and all the other experts on this website that answer these newb questions over and over and over ! I have followed you guys like crazy and that is the only way I could have gotten this far ! Maybe some day I can have half the knowledge you guys have and can return the favor to the next generation of newbs.