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    Automatic downloads as response to form?


      I am using FormsCentral to help gather requests from people wishing to download our educational resources (http://ucbiotech.org/backyardmystery/order/index.html). Currently when people complete the form, they receive an automatic reply (via FormsCentral) which provides links to the lessons they would like to download.


      I was wondering if FormsCentral has a feature where the PDFs can be housed on the FC site, and then generates a link to the appropriate PDF based on what people are requesting?


      I only ask becauase as it stands, people could just share the link we include in the automatic reply, whereas if it was generated by FormsCentral, the URL would not be available in the same way to share.


      I looked in the FAQ but didn't find an answer. I apologize in advance if it was something I missed!


      Thank you for any help you can provide!