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    ColdFusion with IIS URL Rewrite - Page never finishes loading

    solaced Level 1

      I am running CF10 on IIS 7.5 with URL Rewrite module installed.


      All the rewrite rules work perfectly and ColdFusion is returning the correct pages. In order to get the page displayed in the browser I have to manually set the 'content-length' value in Application.cfc like this:



      <cffunction name="onRequestEnd">

      <cfheader name="Content-Length" value="#getPageContext().getCFOutput().getBuffer().size()#" />




      Without this code the browser does not display the page. However, even though it is now displaying the page, it is not doing it correctly. The page never finishes loading fully and not all of the HTML content seems to be on the page.

      I have tried to add a <cfflush> tag after setting the 'content-length' but it makes no difference. I don't understand why this is happening but I know that it has happened to someone else who was using htaccess: http://forums.devshed.com/coldfusion-development-84/page-not-finishing-loading-coldfusion- and-htaccess-bug-575906.html


      Can anyone please help?