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    extending nested comps




      I've been having problems related to changing the duration of nested comps. If i change the nested comp's length (in comp settings), a greyed-out bar appears in the timeline of the comp in which it is nested. The layers which have been extended within the nested comp do not show up in the greyed out section shown in its parent comp timeline. In fact, the greyed out section goes completely black. I have to delete the extended comp from the timeline, and drag it back in from the project panel to get it to work (and not be greyed out). All this involves a lot of extra work and re-working of the  nested comp's parameters in its parent comp timeline.


      I hope I've explained this clearly. I have been unable to find any relevant info for this issue. If anyone can explain to me what is happening here, and what i need to do to update my comp lengths in this regard, I'd sure appreciate it. Please note, this is not a time-shift issue, as i'm not stretching frames or anything, I'm aware of those issues. This is a project with a lot of nesting comps, made up of various elements -- a lot of animated image layers and text events and such which can be freely extended within their comps, as long as there is enough time to do so. This project is in development and expanding and needs to be responsive to creative changes. Nothing 3D so far, but that will be involved later. I'd really like to get the workflow more flexible here.


      thanks for any advice,


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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          AE treats comps like a piece of footage, so think of any comp's duration as the duration of a piece of video footage. With that in mind, open the nested comp and change its duration there.  Then you can change its duration in the main comp by extending its out point. 

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            NJ17 Level 1

            Thank you Dave, this helps somewhat but there are still problems. A current comp issue provides an example. It was around 1:35 length. I changed the comp length to 2:00. So i did as you recommended and changed the comp out point to 2:00. This shifted the in time, so I put that back to 0, and changed the comp length to 2:00. You'd think a comp with a length of 2:00, set to begin at 0 and end at 2:00 would work, right? but these parameters all change each other, and it ends up setting the stretch factor to 126.3%, and the greyed out area remains. How can AE think it is stretching something 126%, when the other parameters clearly indicate it should be 100% only. But setting all the numbers correctly, to agree, seems to be impossible. AE needs to check its math somehow. Is this a bug of some kind?


            As I've said, if i delete it and re-drag the comp from the project panel, it gets these parameters correct. but that is where the workflow issues come in.


            any idea?


            thanks again

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Did you open the nested comp to extend its duration?  It doesn't sound as if you did that.  Nothing will work unless you do that first.

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                NJ17 Level 1

                Yes of course, as i mentioned in the first sentence of my original post. Thats the point. I wouldnt expect it to work otherwise.

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  Hmmm.... that certainly isn't how it should work.  But for now, I'd open the nested comp on its own, lengthen the duration in the comp settings, then REPLACE the nested comp in the parent comp with the one in the project window.  Highlight the nested comp layer in the parent comp, then opt-drag mac or alt-drag win to do the replacement.

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                    NJ17 Level 1

                    The duration has already been lenghtened. I followed your suggestion and alt-dragged the comp from the project window into the parent comp. it did nothing. I dragged it on top of the existing nested comp, if that matters. No change. perhaps i should mention i have AE CC, if that makes a difference. Is there is another way to replace a nested comp with position and parameters intact? I checked, the comp ws not locked. wish i knew why your procedure doesnt work here. Ive read your directions several times, and tried it as many. Is anythign left out? Frustrating.



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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Is it possible that you've got some cache weirdness or something? Try clearing your cache out.