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    Acrobat X form problem


      Why doesn't it work whe I create a form in acrobat for me to upload it to my website, and then have people open the form, fill it out, then submit it?

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          Are you importing the PDF form into FormsCentral? Could you provide some additional detail on the issue that you are running into?




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            anon_1 Level 1

            I am creating a 2 page form from a Word document. Once I have converted the doc to a pdf and have created all of the fillable areas in Acrobat, I then try to upload it to our home page. I then fill the form out an hit submit, and I get an error message, which I cannot remember, and my original pdf document now has the information I filled in, rather than blank fields. What I am trying to do is upload the pdf to the home page so people can fill out the form, submit it, and we can print their submitted form or file it electronically for our records. creating the form is the easy part, trying to get it to work properly in our web site...quite a problem. This is not a form I can "distribute" or email to people as it is an admission application, therefore only those wishing to apply need to fill it out.


            Any help you can give is appreciated. Thank You!

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              Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



              If possible, could you send your PDF form to me (bhavlin@adobe.com) so that I can investigate any possible issues with the forms submission? Note that if you are not collecting responses through FormsCentral you should post your question on the Acrobat forms forum: