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    Error Message "Out of Memory"


      Hi all,


      I need your help. I'm in the middle of working on an animatic for an upcoming project in Flash CS5 Professional (64-bit). I'm synching up the drawings to audio, sounds simple enough right? I get about 1/4 of the way into the project and Flash presents me with the error message, "Out of memory."


      The file was sent to me by one of my coworkers (working in CS4) and each frame had been drawn using object drawing mode, I broke apart each image and it still doesn't help. I'm working on a piece that is a 10th of a second under 3 mins long and is 16.9mb in size. All I'm doing is shifting the still images to sync up with an audio track.


      This is about the 3rd time I've experienced this issue while creating an animatic. I was able to get through the issue the past few times by going into C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Common\First Run\ActionScript 3.0 and the jvm text file found there. I upped the alotted RAM from 256 to 500mb and that worked. Then it happened on another project and I upped it again to 1024mb. I would increase the amount again, but I read somewhere that if you go to high (even though you have plenty of available RAM) you could wreck the program even further. I had this problem with Photoshop years ago but was able to go into the programs properites and set the available memory to unlimited, I haven't been able to find something like that for Flash. I've worked on longer more complex programs in Flash without a hitch. I'm stumped!


      I need to find some sort of permanent solution and fast!! Thanks in advance!


      Version: Flash CS5 Professional (64-bit)
      Opperating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
      RAM: 4.00GB

      HDD Memory: 400GB of 500
      File length: 2:50
      File size: 16.9mb

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Just to set proper environment, 4GB is bare minimum. Please consider closing every other running app (normal, tray and unnecessary service) before you run Flash.

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            I can't edit on my phone and not that it helps you but Flash has never been 64bit before Flash CC. That means directly there is no Flash CS5 64bit, it is 32bit.

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              kk041480 Level 1

              Right, sorry about that! I figured that since I'm running a 64-bit OS and PS, etc were 64-bit that Flash was too. But, as you pointed out, it wasn't in my iteration of Flash. Thanks.

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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                Similar to Photoshop, lots of bitmaps (broken apart artwork as you mention) really ramp up the amount of RAM you need for the project. Your project may be 16MB compressed but when it's deflated in memory so you can work on it, it's much larger. Just look at the Flash.exe process and see how much RAM it's currently taking on that project to get an idea of what RAM usage it actually is taking.


                The most important factor of it being a 32bit application as mentioned above is it cannot use more than roughly 3.7GB RAM total. The OS is probably averaging around 1GB ram in use (guessing) leaving you only 3GB RAM (again, guessing) so that isn't an issue for you. But just note that Flash will use all of that 3GB if necessary and available. When you upped the memory limits of jvm.ini you're not upping the amount of RAM Flash itself will use. You're increasing the amount of RAM that the compiler can use when exporting (e.g. AIR apps). Flash doesn't have a memory setting like Photoshop, it will use as much as it needs up to system limits (RAM - physical, available or 32bit).

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                  kk041480 Level 1

                  Hi sinious! Thanks so much for your response! The best thing I could do to get this working is basically doing what you said, after restarting my computer and running Flash (and nothing else) that did the trick.


                  There's a few things that are still bugging me. One is whenever I work on my own projects, animatics or animations more complex than this and/ or longer, I haven't had an issue with it. It only happens when I work from a file that someone else created. Also, even though the people who created the file didn't use object drawing mode, when I open it the images are in object mode. It's just so weird, I have no clue why...


                  but at the least, I was able to finish my project and for that I am grateful! :-)

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                    kk041480 Level 1

                    Oh, okay! That makes sense then why "upping" it didn't make a difference and why there isn't an option like there is in PS. Thanks so much for clearing that up. :-)

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                      sinious Most Valuable Participant

                      If the crashing only happens with other peoples projects it could be for a variety of reasons. There are tons of asset references saved in the library (the location every item was imported from) and much more. None of those locations will exist on your system and internal complications may simply happen, especially with any runtime shared assets.


                      If possible you should consider adding more system RAM so you can multi-task. RAM is extremely cheap. I'm assuming from a smaller 500GB HD and 4GB RAM that you're probably on a laptop however. Installing RAM is still usually pretty easy if you have the notebook manual (or grab it online). It typically involves just lifting the keyboard or opening a single panel on the bottom of the notebook but it varies greatly. At any rate, 8GB RAM would help you quite a bit. If you do, just make sure you get the correct type of RAM (again, in the specs in your manual).


                      Even when you run out of physical RAM, Flash (like any other application) will still see more RAM based on the OS's swap memory setting (using available space on your HD as RAM). It will get much slower but Flash should see the total amount the 32bit OS can handle for RAM (it doesn't know if it's physical fast RAM or SWAP (fake) HD RAM though). If you open other apps with Flash they should also operate, but will also use swap RAM and you've probably noticed your HD crunching a lot while more apps are open.


                      That said, I have a 4GB RAM in my older i7 lappie and have used Flash CS5.5 and CS6 on it extensively, with other applications open. Although my projects contain mild assets and mostly tons of code. No issues at all. I just think your heavy assets are crashing you.


                      Either way, glad you got your work done. You're welcome and good luck!

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