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    Premiere Export Problem


      Hello guys,


      I am dealing with this for a long time now and i hope somebody can help me.


      I am using Premiere Pro CC on my MAC 10.8.4.


      Basicly I want to export my video in an format thats played on windows media player and MAC Standard Video Player. (So I can use it on my website and everybody can watch it without installing flash or something else.)


      After some experiments following settings work good for me:





      25 Frames


      Square Pixels


      Profile: High

      Level: 4

      VBR: 5, 5




      48000 Hz

      160 kbit/s


      The result works both in Windows Media and on Mac.


      BUT: 1080 is to large for the web. As soon as I change the resolution to 720p (All other settings stay the same!!!) Windows media player gets an error when opening it.


      Does anybody know why? Or is the a other way to export my video in 720p for use on mac and windows without installing a plugin?


      I am looking foreward for your answers!


      Thank u guys!!!