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    Extension created for CS 5, 6 and CC versions in Flash Builder 4.6 fails to initialize

    poortip87 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am developing an extension for Illustrator CS5, 6 and CC versions. I am using Flash Builder 4.6 and Extension Builder 2.1 versions. When I create a new project, and add minimum support for CS5, I am unable to view the design view of the resulting project. I cannot understand why. If I add minimum support for CS6, then the design view works okay. What is this behaviour?


      Also, I was hoping to use spark datagrid in my extension as it supports smooth scrolling. I am not able to do that as well, as the extension never initializes.

      Here is the screeshot of the compiler settings:



      And here is what I get, the error:




      What can I do to do my work?