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    Publish webservice with complex Data Type


      We're using CF7 (still) and needs to publish a webservice which takes as input a complex request with a struct of array of struct of array of struct......etc. From what I can see itcan't be done in CF7. Can it be done in CF10?



      Sample desired input to webservice .  

      ========================================================================================== =============

      <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ther="http://hi/there" xmlns:web="http://webservice.cfcs.common.things">






















      Sample CFCs


      <cfcomponent namespace="http://hi/there" style="document">


                 <cffunction name="savethings" displayname="Save data" returnType="numeric" output="false" access="remote">

                          <cfargument name="Thing" type="Thing_Type" required="true">

             <cfset var tmpVal="">


                           <cfreturn 1/>








           <cfproperty name="Id" type="string">

            <cfproperty name="EDate" type="date">

              <cfproperty name="Thingy" type="Thingy_Type" hint="">







                <cfproperty name="Value" type="string" hint="">

                <cfproperty name="EType" type="string" hint="">





      <cfproperty name="Thingy" type="Thingy_Type[]" hint="">  doesn't work in CF7 , does it work in CF10? Or does something else work?